Theatre of Dolls is a creative partnership of visual artists Frida Alvinzi and Raisa Veikkola. Frida Alvinzi was born in Stockholm, Sweden and Raisa Veikkola in Helsinki, Finland. They started working together in 2006 while studying at the University of the Arts and are based in London.

Theatre of Dolls creates other-worldly visual experiences and 4-dimensional art pieces, using puppets as storytellers and their own bodies as sculptural landscapes, creating the illusion that alternative realities are alive. Using found objects from nature and charity shop treasures as materials, all puppets, costumes and sets are carefully handcrafted by the artists.

Theatre of Dolls has performed at the Barbican, Tate Modern and Victoria & Albert Museum and also in galleries, festivals and events worldwide.

Theatre of Dolls also produces drawings and murals that haunt the same uncanny mysterious world as their performances. Works have been shown in galleries across Britain including New Art Gallery Walsall and the Hayward Gallery.