Theatre of Dolls proudly presents Dolls Of Love!!
Saturday 7th June, 2014

We are proud to present our latest production. Dolls Of Love is the culminating piece in our series of performances. It is a love story within the layers of a Russian Doll, a visual poem where puppets are used as storytellers in the sculptural landscape of the performers' costumes. This piece weaves together ceremony and ritual, where visual imagery will be translated into a song and the narrative is embroidered into a costume.

We are doing two premiere dates in two different venues. St Pancras Old Church on Sunday 29 June at 8pm and Somerset House on Friday 25 July at 7pm.

You can get tickets for these two events at

Summer News
Wednesday 24th July, 2013

We just got back from our little one week tour in South of France which was wondrous, didn't want it to end. We swam in the warmest Atlantic sea and the most turqoise river, learned a little bit of surfing (bruised but happy), drunk champangne (which was cheap but delicious as we were in the champagne region!!) and then went off with the French circus. Below is the poster of La Robe Sacree that we performed here.

This weekend we are off to The Secret Garden Party where we will be performing at the Black Cat Bar at 9.10pm. Hope to see you there!

Then, August 8th - 11th we will be at Wilderness Festival.

And 13th - 15th of September we are going back to the magical woods of Festival 6.

In the meanwhile we are busy busy busy bees and working our wings off on Dolls Of Love, here is the growdfunding campaign if you would like to become part of it, you can do it here


Dolls Of Love Crowdfunding Campaign Is Here!
Friday 5th July, 2013

Dearest Friends,

Hope you are all enjoying summer days and the sun that is finally here (unless you are on the other side of the hemisphere)!

Our summer is filled with work but it is all very exciting as we are manicly working on our new production Dolls Of Love which is our most ambitious project yet!

If you would like to become part of bringing our dream true, which is to bring alive Dolls Of Love, you can do it here and also watch a little film about the project made by the incredible Susanne Aichele. And we were honored to be able to use Serafina Steer's song 'Sexual Jealousy' in the background.

You should also check all the rewards we have on offer; this is a one time opportunity to pre-book tickets for the premiere, buy limited edition prints and unique drawings and many more exciting things.

We are so grateful for any support.

Dolls of Love love you X


Wednesday 24th April, 2013

We are so devastated!!! A bag containing some our favourite puppets was stolen in Soho, London last night :,(  We put posters up everywhere and rummaged all the bins but with no luck... So if you see/ have seen a bag looking like the ones in these pictures below please please contact us on We will be grateful for the rest of our lives if we find it...! Our sweet puppets lost somewhere in the dark streets of Soho... Breaks our hearts......!!!!!

Next Show Tomorrow!!!
Wednesday 27th February, 2013

Dear friends,

How lovely, spring is nearly here, a last strech of gray and and then the sun. We will be performing here tomorrow at 5pm. The Holy Dress. Hope to see you there. We will be collaborating with Gusts for Garters and The Cob Gallery in the future too and will keep you certainly posted.

XXX The Dolls

Winter Times
Monday 4th February, 2013

Our updates seem to be seasonal. So be it. Hope everyone is keeping warm and cosy.

Here are a couple of pictures of 'The Other', a little new production we made in December. We were honoured to have the incredible composer Dave Maric along with Elo Masing creating a live improvised soundtrack to it. We shall be performing it again end of Feb/March and will certainly keep you posted when and where it shall be.

Stills by Sophie Turner.

And here is us in our studio after a wintery show, wishing you a wonderful 2013!!!!


Monday 12th November, 2012

Autumnal Update And Forthcoming Shows!!!
Wednesday 24th October, 2012

Last Saturday we had the pleasure to play with the amazing Alasdair Roberts and Olivia Chaney at the Perseverance Pub in Bloomsbury. The evening was part of the Bloomsbury Festival. Here is a picture of us reaching for a ball of light, courtesy of Dave Maric.

We will be celebrating the All Hallow's Eve by making a Halloween Special at The Day Of The Dead Festival at The Old Vic Tunnels. The festival is on from 31st of October to the 3rd of November and we will be performing twice every night. The exact performance times to follow.

And we are extremely proud to be supporting the incredible Serafina Steer at her single launch on the 12th of November, as part of the ATP festival. All details are on the poster. This Autumn is exciting!!

Whoops, It Is Raining Already But Here's A Little Summer Update
Thursday 4th October, 2012

Dearest Friends,

Summer is long gone and the trees are changing colour. Hope you all have had a wondrous one. We have been rather rubbish at updating our Summer whereabouts due to being caught up with various different project all through the past three months.  We managed to fit in a few events, one of them a wonderful Festival Number 6 where we performed in the most beautiful setting in the middle of the woods, wild and magical. We are still hunting for pictures from our show and will put them up as soon as get hold of some.. The picture of the Woodland Trail is from the excact spot where we performed.

And a summery picture below is of us amongst some foliage, courtesy of Laeony Jones. Autumnal updates to follow.

Until then, keep warm and don't let the rain catch you,

xxx The Dolls


New Website Is Here!!!
Tuesday 24th July, 2012

Pictured here is the incredibly talented web guru Ben Polhill who has created this wonderful new website of ours. Thank you Ben, you are a genius! We love you and our new website!!